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Bentley Continental GT Performance Software

The new Bentley tuning system knocks out an impressive power increase of over 70 HP and 80 ft/lbs. of torque on 91-octane fuel. The new tuning system is known as the Bentley Continental GT Stage 1 package and offers a powerful punch of power from the instant the throttle is cracked, all the way to redline.

Stage 1 Defined:

Our stage 1 upgrade consists of a recalibration of the factory DME control units. The engineers at GIAC change the way in which fuel, ignition timing and boost are delivered to the engine.

The software increases the stock boost pressure by .2 bar (3psi), which allows the turbochargers generate more airflow. In conjunction with increasing boost, an increase in the fuel delivery compensates for the additional boost pressure.

These changes ensure proper and safe combustion even in the most grueling Arizona conditions where 91 octane fuel and 110 + degree climate is the norm. Finally we increase the ignition timing to improve throttle response in addition to the overall power. These computer calibrations are tested 91-octane safe and can be installed in cars throughout the world.

This dyno graph represents Power & Torque measured at all 4 wheels

Stock HP & TQ (021913.008) VS. EVO / GIAC Modified (021913.018)

In order to calculate power at the wheels to engine power, multiply engine power by .64

Example 1: 552 stock HP X .64 = 353 wheel power stock

Example 2: 620 EVO HP X .64 = 397 wheel power modified

  • Stage 1 Specifications:
  • Stock Power: 552 HP / 579 TQ
  • Stage 1Power: 620 HP / 660 TQ
  • 0-60 Stock:4.4 - 4.7 sec.
  • 0-60 Stage 1: 4.0 sec. (est.)
  • ¼ Mile Stock: 12.5 sec. (est.)
  • ¼ Mile Stage 1: 12.0 sec. (est.)

Stage 1 Pricing:

Starting at $4100.00 - $5500 Plus Labor $150.00

Upon receipt of the Bentley DME control units at our facility, our skilled software engineers will install our software upgrade, thoroughly test them and return them to you the very same day. When the DME control units arrive back to your facility and are reinstalled (approximately 1 hour), the car can then be started and test-driven. The software upgrade can instantly be noticed and after approximately 20 miles of driving, the car will be fully adapted to the software changes. The computer calibration is undetectable with the Bentley scan tool and can be reverted back to stock at any time. We offer you and your customers a full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with our product. Our software also carries a lifetime warranty.

Stage 1 Procedure:

In order for our stage 1 upgrade to be installed, the cars DME control units have to be removed from the vehicle (approximately 1 hour).

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