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Custom Built OE BMW CSL

We are one of the few places in California to do it.

We are one of the few places in California to do it.

We were tasked to complete an ambition project from one of our customers. The request was to install and configure an OE BMW CSL intake, cam and center console setup. This was no small request by any means but at IPB-Autosport we love a challenge.

Air Box

The first item to be installed was the CSL air box. The fit is tight and close but as this was a OE part, there was no issues once we shoe horned it in there.


After the intake was the task of installing the CSL cams. These were the hardest and most technical part of the install. For those familiar with the S54 motor, cam timing is a very critical part of replacing cams. We were able to install the cams so that very little timing deviation occurred. After we adjusted the cam timing the car fired right up and we could here that intake noise for the first time.

Ducting & Bumper

One of the most interesting tasks we had to figure out was how the intake ducting snaked its way through the car. After a little reading and some head scratching, we were able to get the ducts installed exactly like factory. Then we covered all that beautiful work with an OE CSL bumper.


Our easiest task was to install an OE CSL console. The install was straight forward as custom projects go. This did involve re-routing the side mirror controls to the center console. The end result looks amazing.


Here is the result of all of the hard work. The full list of all that was done is as follows:

  • CSL Intake
  • CSL Cams
  • Zionville Radiator w/shroud Spal electric Fan
  • install CSL center console
  • Replace rear view mirror
  • Install aluminum SMG paddles
  • CSL Bumper fitment and adjusting
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